DLM Properties

DLM Properties a wide range of products and services that help you plan and invest for the future. We develop our investment offerings based on your needs, giving you the flexibility to choose the path that is right for you. We offer you products and plans which will not only help you to achieve your financial goals but also protect and transfer your wealth. We are the will arrange detailed look at your financial needs individually and holistically and then create an investment strategy which is as unique as your needs are.
Burj Dubai

Mission , Vision and Objectives

Aiming for excellence in customer satisfaction and shareholder value


To continually enhance the value of our company’s long-term investments by exceeding our clients’ expectations, anticipating their needs and responding creatively and competitively.


To be recognised as a model company in providing specialized real estate investment, development and facilities management services


  • Identify high value-adding investment opportunities
  • Achieve a return on investment that others would only aspire to
  • Build a balanced assets portfolio of investment, development and management
  • Achieve an unequalled reputation for shareholder and customer satisfaction
  • Create professional teams focused on delivering best practices in each field
  • Partnering with International companies in our field of activities to deliver better products and services

Our business strategy is defined by a clear mandate to create, evolve and protect a self-sufficient economic model during the four stages of Growth, Oversupply, Slump and Recovery within the real estate industry.

knowledge allows DLM Properties to build an eco-system of business disciplines that are perpetually ollaborative and profitable.

At DLM Properties, we remain focused on investing in completed projects at the most opportune time. Our insights and knowledge allow us to identify when market confidence is ebbing within the sector and our access to robust capital reserves allow us to invest in opportunities in a timely manner. Similarly, our aim for profitable returns is tempered by our mature outlook to always exit the cycle well before it turns.